Psychotic Chocolate

Diagnosed by a real psychiatrist!


Psychotic chocolate was born when I made a gift bag of chocolates for a psychiatrist friend, and they melted. They were four different flavors: orange, mint, black walnut, and coconut. Not to be deterred, he sucked the mixed, melted chocolate out of the bag, getting a crazy blend of chocolate truffle flavors. Surprisingly, it was an interesting culinary experience. He referred to the experience as eating "psychotic chocolate."

I was captured by the concept of blending unexpected flavors together and choosing flavors that don't belong in "candy." Flavors that assault your palate and take you on a taste journey. Candy that just makes you psychotically happy because it just tastes that good.

There are two kinds of psychotic chocolate, those which have received psychiatric evaluation and been certified insane, and those which are still undergoing therapy.


Certifiably Psychotic Flavors

These chocolates are $1 each (minimum purchase of 10), as they are individually hand crafted in small batches in my kitchen, and then given the chocolate equivalent of years of therapy. Priority shipping and heat-resistant packaging costs will be added to the total for the order so that they are not exposed to excessive trauma in the mail. Local pickup is available at no added cost.

Coconut flavored white chocolate filling mixed with shredded coconut coated in a milk chocolate shell. Less crazy but still good!
Salted Chili Coconut
Coconut filling with real shredded coconut enveloped in a rich dark chocolate and capped with a red-colored white chocolate and Sriracha blend. On the base, sea salt counters the sweet creamy coconut and spicy chili flavors.
PB and J
This chocolate has a peanut butter filling, sunk into a strawberry jam, and all encased in a rich dark chocolate. This is what happens to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when they grow up, discover chocolate, and become sophisticated adults.


Flavors Receiving Therapy

Psychotic chocolate will be an evolving product. As I try things, I need brave souls to taste them.

Here's the deal: Pay for shipping and handling (small priority box and heat-resistant packaging), agree to give me product feedback (what you liked and didn't like, thoughts on ways the flavor might be better, etc.), and agree to share at least a few with someone else, and I will send you a sample of the psychotic chocolate test flavors of the moment.

The total package: 8-10 of each test flavor, 2-4 flavors, depending what is rolling out of my kitchen at the time and the size of bonbons (how many fit nicely in the priority box). Enough for yourself, plus enough to share with a friend, family member, or random stranger.

Contact me get on the beta testers list so that you will be notified when new flavors are ready for testing.

Sweet Potato Pie
A creamy white chocolate coating is filled with a marshmallow covered with a mixture of sweet potato, pureed with slightly sweet roasted garlic, cinnamon, molasses, and pure sugar. This is a nod to Thanksgiving and fall holidays.
Banana Nut Coffee
A banana filling with just a hint of coffee, mixed with ground pecans. This filling is enrobed in dark chocolate and topped with a roasted coffee bean. Perfect with a cup of coffee!


Chocolate as a route to world peace. LOVE IT!

From Making Chocolates by Alec Leaver

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