My son had a blast and the cake was a big hit!! Thank you!!

Hi...the wedding was wonderful and everyone enjoyed your candy!!! Brought back memories for a lot of my family :)

Hi..Wanted to let you know the meringues arrived today. I opened the box this evening and everything is A-OK!!! None are broken..and of course, I had to open one bag and eat several...ok, actually two bags..rofl....Had a few vanilla and a few chocolate...You did a great job...

You are the best!!!!!! We Love "los merengues". The flavor is delicious. They look great.

O.M.G. Ok, these are AMAZING! I would almost say BETTER than my grandma's! LOVE the consistency and fluffy get an A+. Now the real test was that my daughter (who's 37) likes these but doesn't "love" them....but I couldn't keep her out of my box!! I was also amazed that you managed to get so many in that box and was thrilled.

My daughter is iffy about meringues in general, I didn't mean yours. She has always "liked" other ones I've bought...but she LOVED yours! Something I never expected, but now get mine are slowly disappearing. It's ok though, I like to share my guilty pleasures with her so I don't put on all this weight by myself!

The baby shower was great. Everyone complemented the cake. No one could believe everything was edible especially the bird. And don't let me start about the birds nests; everyone loved them!

Your cake was, I believe as is typical, a huge success. The guest of honor, as well as the guests, were astonished at how much it resembled the real Penguin. And many marveled how you could have built a cake so tall that would not have toppled over on the way to the festivities.

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