Decadent Cakes


Although fancy sculpted cakes are one of my creative passions, the purpose of a dessert is to be decadently delicious and to cap off a special meal with the perfect ending.

Many of these desserts were ones I learned, developed, or discovered while working in a fine dining restaurant in South Bend, Indiana. All are undoubtedly delicious, and most are elegant enough to grace the most refined table.

Some of the highlights of the collection are the dreamy, light, white chocolate cheesecakes. While they are a cheesecake, they are a far cry from the dense richness of a New York style cheesecake (which can also be provided). Even folks who don't typically like cheesecake like this one. The batter is nearly mousse-like in its fluffiness because it incorporates whipped cream into a white chocolate and cream cheese batter. One reason I love this cheesecake is that it lends itself to infinite variation. The white chocolate version is light enough to flavor with a variety of fruits or mints, or the white chocolate can be swapped out to make a decadent mousse-like chocolate cheesecake, or to incorporate any other flavor that are in the amazing range of "chocolate chip" flavors now available.

A few of my favorites include:
The classic white chocolate cheesecake with fresh berry topping in a vanilla wafer crust
Chocolate cheesecake with chocolate, fudge, caramel, and/or nuts in a classic graham cracker crust or a chocolate crumb crust
Grasshopper - a layer of chocolate cheesecake and a layer of creme de menthe cheesecake, all in a chocolate crumb crust
Orange Dreamsicle - an orange flavored cheesecake combined with either white chocolate cheesecake or a chocolate cheesecake

Another great favorite is the flourless chocolate cake, which is a rich chocolate cake topped with a berry sauce and a dollop of mousse, providing just enough balance to the dense chocolaty goodness of the cake.

Craving something else? Chances are it is in my bag of tricks, and I can provide you with a beautiful, decadent, and wonderfully home cooked dessert just for your event. Cakes start at $25 and vary based on materials cost.

Cakes by The Moon Lady  -  Dallas, Texas
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