Decorated Cakes


Each cake I make is an individual work of art. For me, this is a labor of love and an artistic outlet. I can do the standard "birthday cake" but promise you that it will be a cake as individual as its recipient.

Any typical flavor of cake is available, and the filling can be selected as well. For the exterior, I typically work in buttercream, modeling chocolate, fondant, and candy to produce each artwork because of the stability of these types of materials. I also like to work in buttercream as the cake covering unless there is a strong reason to deviate as generally the flavor of buttercream is preferred to the flavor of fondant. While I will discuss frosting flavor alternatives with you, the level of detail may require certain engineering concessions. So far, these concessions have never resulted in flavor complaints.

Cake prices typically run between $2 and $5 per serving, with a $25 minimum per cake. The final price of the cake will depend on the design, materials, and complexity (working time). I am happy to provide a quote after discussing your vision with you, and I will work with you to find something achievable within your budget.

Cakes for Adults Only

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