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My love of baking all started when I took an 8 week cake decorating course at the age of 12 through my local 4H Club. I would make cakes for family parties, and for friends. As I got older, the cakes became more complex. Then I headed off to college for an engineering degree. The engineering thinking was already there, but it developed. What materials, how they could be shaped, what shapes were needed to provide a final result, and how I would keep it steady. The knowledge helped me bring an engineer's attention to the detail of creating excellent cakes.

In college, I got my first "personal" kitchen and started baking whenever I needed to blow off steam. People started asking me to bring cakes to parties. A friend asked me to do a small wedding cake, and so I worked with another friend who was a professional chef to develop more skills. In grad school, I needed to blow off even more steam, and made a habit of showing up to parties and events with a cake in hand, bringing a personalized cake to department secretaries and people in my research group on their birthdays. As more people saw my personalized themed and sculpted cakes, I started getting more requests, and for every odd or unusual cake I produced, the next requests were more unique.

After grad school, I did a post doc. When the funding ran out unexpectedly early, I scrambled for a job and spent 6 months working under a chef in a fine dining restaurant as the pastry chef. While I loved learning these recipes and techniques and generating decadent delights, production of the same desserts isn't my true passion. I prefer taking time and attention to detail to hand-crafted masterpieces of design for a specific person or event.

Although academics and life took me to a job suited to my degree with engineering, the cakes have become something more than a hobby. They are a calling. Sharing unique and personal painstakingly designed and executed cakes that make people go "Wow" and "Oh, Yum" is something that I love.

My long term dream is to retire from my "real job" to have a tiny bakery and bring sugary smiles one tasty bite at a time. Until then, I am delighted to offer cakes on a commission basis.

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